Meditation Wednesday SMS004

On Wednesday’s podcast, we will practice different types of prayer and meditation together.  Today we’ll be experiencing Lectio Divina – the Holy Word – in a style of centering prayer that is centuries old.

In Lectio Divina the reading from Scripture, the Bible, is read several times.  Each time it is read slowly, the pray-er, the person meditating – is drawn deeper into the meaning and he or she allows it to become part of them.

Welcome to the journey inward!

Monday Mystery SMS Podcast 002

What is the Annunciation?  What does a “Mystery of the Rosary” mean?  In this podcast Katy breaks it all down, then sings “Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue,” leads a decade of the Rosary (accompanied by her harp), and prays/sings “Salve Regina” – all in under 15 minutes!

Sing My Soul Podcast SMS001

For this first episode of the Sing My Soul podcast, Katy will take a look at the Season of Advent, share a story, and perform – pray – a live version of her song, Prayer of Abandonment.  Imagine sitting in a living room – or a small chapel – and spending 10-15 minutes together.  Welcome!